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AGSB's Master of International Business Administration (MIBA) program emphasizes a global perspective in business and draws on the expertise of business and government leaders in preparing students for the interactive environment of the 21st century. Courses are taught in English via lectures, case analyses and seminars by dedicated faculty with extensive international experience. Typically the curriculum duration is 2 academic semesters plus a minimum 3-month internship in an enterprise, and the writing and defending of a Thesis project document.

In proximity to many leading multinational High value International colleges in Switzerland companies, AGSB's environment provides a unique combination of business studies and Swiss cultural dynamics. A course palette in Integrative Economics, International Finance, Negotiations and Conflict Resolution is integrated within the curriculum.

MIBA Program Curriculum

MBA core course description

ACC 620 Financial and Managerial Accounting
The course covers the essentials of accounting as an information system, developing an understanding of the business enterprise and the necessary financial statements such as balance sheet-income statement, cash flow statement as well as financial statement analysis.

CIS 670 IS Project Management
Technical issues of project management are addressed as they relate to a wide range of businesses and industries. Theoretical presentations and real-life examples are interwoven throughout the course.

ECO 610 International Business Economics
A survey of economic tools and analyses available to the international business manager, e.g., pricing, forecasting, demand analysis, macroeconomic policy as it affects the international organization.

FIN 680 International Finance
An analysis of practices and issues in international finance, including foreign exchange markets Switzerland college, international investment decisions, currency considerations and international capital asset pricing.

INT 699 Project Internship
A three to six month internship in which the student is involved in the normal business operations of an organization. The nature of the internship is defined prior to a student's placement with the organization and may be carried out in any country worldwide Switzerland college. The student must submit periodic reports and a final Thesis Project Document, covering an in-depth company and industry analysis relating to the internship. At the conclusion of the internship and once the document has been approved by the Thesis Project Director, students must return to campus to present and defend their work.

LAW 630 International Business: The Legal Context
The course introduces students to the major legal issues and problems the manager will encounter in the field of international trade Switzerland college. These range from the types, forms and contents of international contracts to the business decisions arising from the need to adapt to the legal environments in the markets.

MAT 660 Decision Theory
An introduction to several management science models and methods applied to both the rational managerial decision-making process and the quantitative business decision analysis. Selected quantitative models for improved assessments and decisions in the business context and potentialities of computer software to enhance the models capabilities will be addressed.

MGT 640 International Management
An integration of all international organizational processes with emphasis on socio-cultural and ethical factors; an examination of major policy and operational questions facing international firms today Switzerland college.

MKT 650 International Marketing
A study of the decision-maker's process in producing marketing strategy consistent with different environments characterized by varying consumer behavior patterns and institutions Switzerland college.

STS 690 Special Topics Seminar
An integration Switzerland collegeand application of coursework through a participative approach, which includes the introduction of advanced topics with an examination of existing literature, and with the participation of leaders from the business and government community. Field trips are an integral part of this course.

STS 691-699 Special Topics Series
Advanced topics courses offered in the MIBA program as elective credit Switzerland college. The Special Topics Series includes Human Resource Management, International Organizations, Research Methodology, Strategy Formulation and Implementation, and Topics in International Relations, Management, and Marketing.



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