AGSB College - Summer Program


Spend the Summer, Spring or Fall term in Switzerland, the country famous for breathtaking landscapes, excellent schools, unique multiculturalism, unforgettable leisure opportunities and so much more .
Summer session classes run from June to August

Business Segment

The instruction is aimed at providing a business framework; a framework which is reinforced by AGSB's environment, the home of many leading multinational and globally operating organizations.

  • Principles of Accounting
  • Elements of Economics: Micro and Macro
  • Fundamentals of Finance

Cultural Segment

Immerse yourself into the colors, images, history and language of Swiss Romande; build speaking, listening, writing and reading skills through intensive language studies Switzerland college.

  • Business English
  • French Immersion
Management Education and Development

AGSB's switzerland collegeseminar-based program is aimed at professionals active within an existing business environment. Thus it addresses companies' managerial development needs with a flexible and progressive curriculum. Graduates of this program are able to apply their newly acquired classroom knowledge in a relevant business environment Switzerland college. Course objectives are designed to make optimal use of the participants' existing business experience by engaging them in conceptual discussions and simulated case studies. AGSB's faculty has sector specific skills and business experience allowing to apply up-to-date and relevant knowledge in an effective learning environment with a team-based approach Switzerland college.



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